Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is not some sort of plea for compliments!

Seriously, it's not.  This is me as I appeared to the world this afternoon.  My hair under that hat is covered in conditioner that I, as of yet, still haven't rinsed out (don't ask).  A sweatshirt. Cut off shorts, leggings and my new fuzzy warm boots.  The weather here is still warm enough to go out like this (upper 50's, isn't this supposed to be England?!).  This is not me dressed to impress, obviously.  At least, I hope that's obvious.  This is me running out to spend my last Birthday voucher after Jack's gone for a sleepover.  This is comfy casual afternoon to myself wear.  I'm going somewhere with this, sort of.

      So, after my mini shopping spree, I stopped at Southend Fried Chicken because I am fucking addicted to these chicken places.  They are SO GOOD.  The guy who owns it remembers me well enough to feel okay about bringing up my jacked up teeth to me. *SIGH*  ANYWAY.  After leaving there I head home.  I'm happily walking along when I notice this guy smiling at me.  He's down the street headed in the opposite direction. I smile back, because that's the kind of person I am.  As he gets closer he says, while still smiling, "Damn girl, I like the way you dress!"  And I laughed, because when you're hair is crusted over with conditioner and you're dressed almost exactly like you would have been 20 years ago, what the hell else can you do?

    I am so not complaining.  I mean, why would I?  It wasn't offensive or cat calling or anything.  I'm not sure what the hell it was, but it made me laugh, so it counts as a good thing in my book.  I just, I don't know, you know?  I mean, hardly anyone reads this blog, but if anyone who does has any idea what the hell that guy saw, please tell me.  Cuz I'm lost.


  1. Perhaps he was simply impressed that you weren't trying to impress anybody. You were simply comfortable in your own skin/clothes and so few people seem to be that way in public.